Dimension 3D Printer


Dimension is product of Stratasy which is a leading 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Systems  in automotive, aerospace, entertainment, electronics, pharmaceutical and consumer products sectors. Stratasy has over 88 approved orto be ratified patented in rapid prototyping. Dimension produce prototypes using "Fused Deposition Modeling" (FDM) rapid prototyping method which patented by Stratasy with 3-dimensional CAD data.

Dimension 3D printer is quick but low-cost desktop prototyping system for CAD users in the same network environment. Dimension 3D printer produces exact and accurate prototypes using ABS in filament and knitting the models layer by layer. Therefore Dimension 3D Printer give a change to evalution designs and at the same time testing to suitability of models’ the functionality, form and dimensions.



opto TOP-He 3D Scanning System



The leading company in the field of optical 3-D Scanning Breuckmann present to advanced 3-D scanning systems for meet the research and development needs of various application which developing for over 10 years and based on the topometrik and hotogrammetric.


+ Modular and flexible system setup, easy to use
+ PatentedMPTprojectionunit
+ Extremely fast data access
High-resolution digital camera
+ Data alignment with part geometry
+ Variable measurement areas and angles of triangulation
+ Standard range of measures from
20x15 mm to 1800x1400 mm
Choice of measurement from 60x40 mm to 3x2m
Carbon fiber body, low sensor weight
+ IEEE-1394 Interface
+ True color option

According to the principle of operation of Breuckmann 3-D Scanning Technologies , the lights reduced onto the needed part of scan with the help of  system projector and the part taken with high resolution camera. The resulting images are processed with based on variety methods by system’s custom software and reached the points coordinates surfaces of the parts.

Besides many repeated measurements for Opto TOP-HE systemis also possible the integration of external systems such as CMM or robot arm. And it is also possible to match with marking brands and alignment with method of geometry of the object. Processing of obtained images photogrammetric and stereometric methods are used. 

Other Machines

350 gr. Injection Machine (40x38-15) 
350 gr.
Injection Machine (34x31-9)
350 gr.
Injection Machine (41x38-14)
350 gr.
Injection Machine (41x38-9)
1500 gr.
Injection Machine (62x60-24)
2500 gr.
Injection Machine (68x65-18)
150 Ton Rubber
Injection Machine
750 gr.
Injection Machine (52x50-22)
350 gr.
Injection Machine (34x31-9)
350 gr.
Injection Machine (41x39-9)
350 gr.
Injection Machine (41x39-10)
Injection Machine (41x30-14)
Injection Machine (41x30-17)
2000 185 gr.
Injection Machine (32x30-9)
1500/350 .
Injection Machine 
100 gr.
Injection Machine (32x30-14)
Plastic Crushing Machine- Large
Plastic Crushing Machine- Mobile

Plastic Crushing Machine- Small
Deburring Machine
Plastic-Steel Sheet Cutting Machine
Hydraulic Cutting Press
Cooling Tower- Large (2 pcs)
Air Compressor
Raw Material Annealing Furnace (4 pcs)
Water Treatment Machine
60 gr. .
Injection Machine
Electronic Precision Scales
Packing Tape Machine
Plastic Bag Packaging Machine

2.500 gr.
Injection Machine (68x65)
1.000 gr.
Injection Machine (68x66)
CNC Vertical Machining Center (6 pcs)
Wire Erosion Machine (2 pcs)

Drilling Machine
Lathe Machine (2pcs)
Milling Cutter Machine (
vertical -horizontal)
Radial Drill(2 pcs)
Drill Gearbox
CNC Lathe
Polishing Machine- Vertical Small
Polishing Machine- Horizontal Large
Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Diving Erosion Machine (2 pcs)
Plane Grinding Machine
Grinding Stone
Tapping Machine
Chamfering Machine
Bandsaw Machine (2 pcs)
Oxygen Cutting Machine
Screw Air Compressor
Eccentric Press (60 ton)
Steel Sheet Cutting Machine
Vibration Machine
Deskopt Column Drills (2 pcs)
Desktop Whipsaw
Screw Compressor(2 pcs)
Tool Grinding Machine

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